We are your home away from home. We are always making changes to bring in friends old and new. Anyone who has been here once always comes back when there are in town.  We are just that — your corner bar in the heart of DC

On any given day you can find a corporate, suit and tie, dining and drinking with an athlete in full gear after a game on the mall.  It is a local hot spot for Lunch, Happy Hour and Late Night “where everyone knows your name,” and DC’s voted most popular bartender can be found.

No one in the city can beat our daily food and drink specials. There won’t be any fancy waiters and table manners are checked at the door  Our staff is courteous, friendly and full of great stories to share.  Your escape is only a few steps underground so if you have not stopped by recently, we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve done with the place or to simply meet you for the first time! 


  In the Heart of Downtown

Mon-Thurs: 11:30am – 1:30am
Fri & Sat: 11:30am – 2:30am
Sun: Noon-10pm


$2.50 Shock Top

$2.50 Coors Lite

$4 Rail Drinks

Half Price Burgers


$3.5 Sam's Seasonal & Sam's Lite

$3.5 Selected Apps

$4 Rails

$3.5 Corona and Corona Lite

$4 Margarita

$4 Rails

$6 Escapade Margarita

25% Mexican Entrees

Free Tacos every first Wed of the month


$2.50 Coors Lite 

$2.50 Banquet Beer

$4 Rails

$3.5 Tater Tots & Wing Zingers 

Happy Hour starts @4pm

$1 Miller Lite Bottles (4-7)
$2 Miller Lite Bottles (7-9)
$2.50 Miller Lite Bottles (9-Close)


Home of the Bengals

Home: Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, San Diego, St. Louis, Seattle, Houston

Away: Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Oakland, Arizona, San Francisco, Buffalo

How we Fared in 2014

Ravens: 16-22

Browns: 44-39

Steelers: 34-55

Chiefs: 14-13

Chargers: 13-19

Rams: 7-5

Seahawks: 9-9

Broncos: 20-8

Raiders: 9-18

Cardinals: 6-4

49ers: 3-9

Texans: 4-3

Bills: 11-15

Since the Bengals finished second in the AFC North, they know exactly who their opponents will be and where they will play them. They don’t yet know when they will play each of the teams on next year’s schedule, though. The complete schedule, with dates and times, will be released along with the rest of the league slate in April.

As the second-place team in their division, the Bengals will face this year’s No. 2 finishers in the AFC South and AFC East (Houston and Buffalo). They also are on the divisional rotation to face AFC West and NFC West. This season, they were on a similar rotation with the AFC South and NFC South.